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Introducing the business areas of Dongsue Logistics.

Triangle Trade

Produced at a production site other than in Korea and transported by direct to the delivery site of the other country
We can provide smooth service through Dongsue network from all over the world.

The flow of Cargo

It refers to the transportation of Korea, which moves between the three countries of Korea and foreign countries, and is a type of transportation that is widely used for toll manufacturing.
By transporting goods directly from third countries to destination countries through the Dongsue network connected to major regions of the world, we realize quick control of local customs clearance and headquarters in Korea through simple business procedures such as issuing Switch B/L

  • production in area A
  • pick up A area through
    local Dongsue offices/partners / transport
    (B) destination
  • B area Delivery of cargo through
    the destination's Dongsue branch partners

The flow of Document

We actively provide Triangular Shipment services based on Know-How and professional personnel, which have been scaled for many years for Triangular Shipment cargo.
Also We support safe payment by issuing SWITCH B/L quickly in Korea.

  • (A)Regional sent shipping documents through Dongsue Branch/Partner
  • issuing Switch B/L from Dongsue Send to (B) area local DONGSUE Branch/Partner
  • (B) area after receipt of local Dongsue Branch/Partner documents customs clearance and cargo delivery

Dounsue strength

Dounsue strength
    • It consists of a branch office/partner cooperation system through Network worldwide for smooth communication and fast feed back
    • Shipper consol service operating in China and Hong kong Donsue storage in process of the triangle conuntry (LCL)
    • issuing switch B/L, local customs clearance is possible quickly and sensitive exporter information is not worried about exposure